We take care of your house.

All the services that your house might need in the same place.

We help you with all your home might need.


We can help you!

Owning a property at Costa Blanca and looking for someone to take care of your key on place? 

For an annual fee, we take the responsibility for your key to your property in spain. 

We can help you open for craftsmen or other services that may be needed to be done in your property when you are not on-site.  

We could help you ensure everything is in order before you or your tenants arrive to your property. We can help you start the refrigerator, freezer & hot water. 

Every key is safely storage with limited access. We always make a solution based on your needs and wishes.

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Owning a property at the Costa Blanca area and you are not able to be here all the year around? 

Then it could be good for you with someone that looking after your property as it was their own. 

After each inspection you as a costumer will be provided with a detailed report by email based on your needs. 

This will ensure that you as a client always feel that you have control, even if you are not here. 

With Castillo Holidays supervision service you can expect the following:

  • We open doors and windows to ventilate your home. 
  • We flush faucets and drains in your home, to counteract bad odors and vermin. 
  • We make extra inspections on your property after, for example, storms to ensure that your property has not been damaged. 
  • We check your home’s doors, windows and entrance gate etc. To make sure everything is in the conditions it should be. 
  • We report any problems directly to you as a client. 
  • Always a solution based on YOUR needs. 

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Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Are you going to visit your property and don’t want to start your stay in the sun with cleaning as the first priority? 

Castillo Holidays are also offering cleaning service as a part of the concept where you as a client is in focus. 

We can make sure everything is sorted out when you arrive and you can focus on enjoying your visit. 

Regardless of the needs you may have, contact us today and you will receive an offer based on your needs. 

Contacts us today to know more.


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