Looking to rent out your property.

We take care of your house and find the right clients for you.

Only at Costa Blanca for some parts of the year?
Maybe you’re not using your property at Costa Blanca all year?

So instead of it’s just being empty, it could be a good option to rent out your property.


Contact us today with your questions and we will guide you threw the process on
how to make your property a attractive option for people on vacation at Costa Blanca.

And instead of you on your own handle all of the work to rent our your property,
we make it easy for you. All from getting the license for renting, handle all of your booking,
to take care of your guests during their stay at Costa Blanca.

We add the EXTRA!

We increase the renting value of your property with adding part’s of Castillo Holidays
brand to make sure your tenants has a amazing experience.


How do we work?

Castillo holidays provides a complete rental service. We take care of all work from start to finish and make sure you start making money as soon as possible. We always start with a home visit. After the visit, we do an evaluation to see if anything needs to be redone or added to the home so we can provide a five-star experience to the tenant.

Our service includes

Marketing When you are going to rent out your home, effective marketing is important. We handle it via Facebook, Instagram, www.blocket.se and our website www.castilloholidays.es. We photograph and possibly make a video recording of the home for marketing.


In order for you to feel safe and secure, all agreements are written in both Spanish and Swedish by a lawyer with whom we work.

Inspection and inventory

We take care of cleaning, make an inventory and inspect the property at each guest visit.

Home insurance

Home insurance is a requirement for us to be able to manage your home. We work with insurance companies that can help you get your home insured at the right price.

Rental license

Rental license or an application for a rental license is a requirement from both the authorities and us. If you do not already have a rental license, you can get help with this through the lawyer we work with.

The home and furniture

We always provide the home with our printed "Castillo Holidays" towels and bed linen. In order for us to be able to rent out the home according to our standard, we will together with you as the landlord go through the home's furniture and furnishings to see what needs to be removed or added.

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